Hey Lab Rats

So if you’ve been following me via the B.E. Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter over the last few months you may have noticed I’ve been posting up trailers with different but familiar sounding compositions to accompany them. The term I’ve come with for the concept used to create these short pieces is “reSco“.

The most recent of these was the B.E. “Matrix – Final Flight of the Osiris” Trailer reSco.


The reSco Concept.

Grab a movie trailer (it doesn’t have to be a movie trailer. It could also be a trailer for a video game, TV series, etc)

Get hold of the soundtrack/score in its entirety for the movie the trailer is from.

Using only that as the main sample source material to chop, create a new piece of music that syncs with the trailer visuals.

Additional instrumentation or drums etc can be played or programmed.

Why “reSco”?

reSco” is “Score” flipped which is basically what a reSco is.

The first reSo was posted in September with the B.E. reSco of the trailer for Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt” flipping Lalo Schifrin’s score, and was followed in October with the B.E. reSco of the “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger” trailer flipping Tan Dun’s score.

Composing some music for a film almost caused missing November, but the B.E. reSco for the “Matrix – Final Flight of the Osiris” Trailer flipping Don Davis’s score was completed and posted just in time.

Suggestions for trailers are more than welcome, let me know via the Facebook page, Twitter or the website any trailers you’d like to see get the B.E. reSco treatment. The intention (commitments allowing) is to continue posting one reSco a month.


Check out reSco Playlist so far on YouTube..

Or give it a listen on Soundcloud.