Want some more free music??

Want to hear a teaser of the “Bowie” inspired B.E. EP??

Well DJ Mr.Thing has put together an 11 minute teaser mix of all the tracks from “Whatever Happened To Major Tom” including a few of the ‘Bowie” breaks used on the project as well. Featuring David BowieXavier BarnettMiss Baby SolMaseo Plug 3 from De La SoulMystro and Colin Emmanuel.

Mr.Thing is one of the catalysts that lead to the “WHTHT” EP…

“I had been playing around with idea of doing something with ‘Bowie’s’ material for a while, but it wasn’t until  Mystro played me one of Mr.Thing’s mixtapes that I suddenly new how what to do.”

Colin Emmanuel

Another free download for you to enjoy available at http://blackeinstein.bandcamp.com/

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