“Only the offenders should be offended.”

In june of this year, Mysdiggi (formerly known as Mystro) unleashed a lyric video for “Cockadoodledoo” (check out the original video).
Last week he dropped the official video, directed by the man himself and shot/edited @dfacer1, with Colin Emmanuel looping up Missy Elliot’s “Wake Up” and taking care of mixing duties.

As Mysdiggi breaks down what’s wrong with the rap game and calls for Hip Hop to WAKE UP (#HipHopBetterWakeup), you start to realize the lyrics don’t apply to just the rap game but across the musical board.

Mysdiggi explains further…

“As some of you may or may not know I nearly quit making music,  but after a good talk with some close friends & family I realised it’s not me who should be quitting & this was the best way I could get my frustrations with what I felt was wrong off my chest. Agree or disagree it’s up to you, but this is how I feel because Hip Hop don’t seem to be what I thought it was. There’s still A LOT of great music out there but it seems the attitude of some of the people who claim to know the culture is not as integral as claimed. Mutha Luvaz let things go by without pointing out how foolish/corny it is for fear of not getting exposure, that’s corny to me. There’s a whole lot more & if the lyrics in this song don’t explain it then you’re not very smart my Knee Grow!”

”This is not a cry for you to bring it back to how it used to be…
It’s a cry for more integrity

Check out the video below and download the track for free HERE!!

Look out for more posts on Mysdiggi with his long awaited debut album due for release on September 10th (click this and pre-order it NOW!!). You never know… there might be one or two tracks on there produced by Black Einstein…





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