In a plot containing more subterfuge and deception than the script for the next Sherlock Holmes movie, I found myself drugged up to the eyeballs sat in a studio in Brixton signing a confidentiality agreement…

Ok so that’s grabbed your attention.

The drugs were courtesy of the local supermarket in an effort to evict a common cold that had recently taken up residency. Decongestants, vitamins, cough syrup and paracetamol were amongst the many recovery aids rattling around in my digestive system.

The seeds of subterfuge and deception were sewn months earlier. Firstly with flat denials and blank expressions whenever I asked colleagues at Akai Professional if they had any intention of making a new MPC. Then the rouse of being asked to take part in a documentary about how “Akai changed music beat production“, along with a list of the kind of questions that would be asked.

Imagine my surprise and delight upon arriving at the location to learn that the folks at Akai Professional had come to London in fact to get some feedback from the producer community on the new MPC Renaissance, and had brought a test model with them, hence the confidentiality papers.

I was quite literally blown away and to be frank rendered useless. The anecdotal stories, opinions about MPCs, views on music production etc that I had accumulated and was previously ready to unleash upon camera for the supposed “documentary” had gone. What was left was the equivalent of a drop jawed child who had just seen that they were getting what they’d always wanted for Christmas. All I could do was stare at it in joyous disbelief. I managed to compose myself enough to ask a few questions about it and had a little go on it, and then left, having to keep all the events and this amazing development to myself. Until now…

This years NAMM saw Akai Professional go public with the new MPC range to great reviews and they will be available through all major retailers later this year.

When I get my hands on one there will be more posts and video footage, in the meantime check out AkaiPro’s short clip “MPC Renaissance in London” Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Pritt Kalsi.

SPECIAL THANKS, to Daniel Gill, Andy Mac and Sarah Yule at Akai Professional.

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